Counter Strike 1.6 FINAL, FULL (NONSTEAM) +bots +260 maps +all

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Counter Strike 1.6 FINAL, FULL (NONSTEAM) +bots +260 maps +all (Size: 699.49 MB)
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Counter Strike 1.6 FINAL, FULL (NONSTEAM) +bots +260 maps +all .nav files for bots,
playable online (ALL SERVERS!) + LAN.


This is a final release of CS1.6 from me. I have reached my limits.

260 maps, GREAT skins, new commandmenu, AmxModX, metamod,
custom & realistic visuals, HUD, sprites & decals,
no Invalid CD-Key error (CD-Key is included), realistic hostages,
latest CZ bots modified, preconfigured, weapon names fixed,
tutorial... all in all- GREAT!NO virus in files 100% (NOD32 3.0.667.0 + Malwarebytes 1.30 checked)Instalation:

This is all predefined pack, so YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL ANYTHING!
Just follow these steps:_______________________________________________________________
1. Extract to C:Games (IMPORTANAT!) using 7-zip (included)
2. Open folder, doubleclick CD-key.reg. OK.
3. Install AmxModX (anywhere you like).
4. Run game from shortcut "CS1.6" or "START" icon.
5. GO,GO,GO!
Archive has NO password!
Servers are in Favorites.
If you want more servers import them into Favorites from the Web.
But this is already fine.
Cracked servers are on
There you have a couple of thousand servers where you can play!AmxModX and metamod are working fine.In "C:Games Cs1.6 cstrike models player" you have additional 8 packs of
player skins and backup of original (HighPoly!) models.And there is new versatile commandmenu (thanx to someone) binded to "H" key.____________________________
698M Packed size using 7-zip
Important notice:If you don't extract archive to "C:Games" then you must change attributes in
"CS1.6" shortcut in order to run the game!
It is important to run the game from the shortcut!
Don't change video modes!!! Leave it on OpenGL.
Change resolution if you need.

And finally, new terrorist images and their real "biography" imported.
This was the final touch!

Please seed this torrent.
Anything you find on the Internet is there because
someone' put it there!
Keep that in mind while you play this game.
Seed it and let others enjoy it too.
______________________________________________________________Have fun!

**************************************************************Short list of commands:

(Change it if you like)
in config.cfg:
"TAB" "drop"
"ENTER" "+attack"
"ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
"SPACE" "lastinv"
"*" "nightvision"
"+" "rhlgHFPB"
"," "buyammo1"
"." "buyammo2"
"0" "slot10"
"1" "slot1"
"2" "slot2"
"3" "slot3"
"4" "slot4"
"5" "slot5"
"6" "slot6"
"7" "slot7"
"8" "slot8"
"9" "slot9"
"[" "impulse 100"
"`" "toggleconsole"
"a" "+moveleft"
"b" "m4a1; ak47; primammo; deagle; glock; secammo; flash; hegren; sgren; vesthelm; flash"
"c" "radio3"
"d" "+moveright"
"e" "+jump"
"f" "+use"
"g" "impulse 100"
"h" "+commandmenu"
"i" "messagemode2"
"j" "sv_restartround 1"
"m" "chooseteam"
"n" "nightvision"
"o" "tutor_toggle"
"p" "epb_botmenu"
"q" "+duck"
"r" "+reload"
"s" "+back"
"t" "impulse 201"
"u" "messagemode"
"v" "+voicerecord"
"w" "+forward"
"x" "radio2"
"y" "messagemode"
"z" "radio1"
"~" "toggleconsole"
"UPARROW" "+forward"
"DOWNARROW" "+back"
"LEFTARROW" "+left"
"RIGHTARROW" "+right"
"CTRL" "+duck"
"SHIFT" "buy"
"F1" "autobuy"
"F2" "rebuy"
"F3" "+showscores"
"F4" "showbriefing"
"F5" "snapshot"
"F6" "save quick"
"F7" "load quick"
"F10" "quit prompt"
"DEL" "pause"
"MWHEELDOWN" "invnext"
"MWHEELUP" "invprev"
"MOUSE1" "+attack"
"MOUSE2" "walktoggle"
"MOUSE3" "+attack2"in userconfig.cfg:
bind "DEL" "pause"
bind "j" "sv_restartround 1"

alias "walktoggle" "walk"
alias run "-speed; bind mouse1 +attack; alias walktoggle walk"
alias walk "+speed; bind mouse1 +wakeup; alias walktoggle run"
alias +wakeup "+attack; -speed"
alias -wakeup "-attack; bind mouse1 +attack; alias walktoggle walk"

bind "MOUSE2" "walktoggle"
P.S. config.cfg and userconfig.cfg are in C:Games Cs1.6 cstrike folder

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Counter Strike 1.6 FINAL, FULL (NONSTEAM) +bots +260 maps +all


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